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How it it's going...

It's been a hot minute since we've shared much here and to be honest it's hard to keep up! Hell, we can hardly keep up and we are the ones pulling the strings! It's been quite the ride since the purchase of the lot on Main Street in Slater, but if you want to know the very abbreviated version it goes a little something like this...

  • Bought an empty lot with the vision of building, found out the building was for sale next to it so went down that road

  • Started renovations, hit a few hiccups

  • Shifted to a potential new site... hit a few more hiccups

  • Went to market to bring home some amazing new products... truck was stolen... another MAJOR hiccup

  • Brainstormed some new plans, met some amazing people and went down yet another path

  • Hit a delay in our dwindling timeline which pushed us into yet another shift... (these hiccups were starting to become a pain in our ass!)

  • With the help of these amazing people, we found a temporary solution that just might be a permanent solution for The Parlour!

ALL of these, let's call them "opportunities", have led us to where we are now... which is EXACTLY where we get to be! While we were faced with a LOT of challenges, our intention was to fulfill our dream and bring it to life so we can share it with all of you! Through all these experiences our dream has grown EVEN larger and the potential this has is so very exciting. In the next few months we will share more and. more as this develops. We hope you jump on the bus, however bumpy it gets!

Thank you all for your continued love and support. We couldn't be where we are without you!

Here is just a few little snippets of the last few months... we'll get more in-depth about these stories soon!

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