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Women in Jewelry Workshop


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The Parlour offers so much more than just a place to shop. We want to offer a place to go... a place to be you, step out of your comfort zone and discover things you didn't even know you liked! We offer fun make and take items and unique workshops where you can learn, discover and create new things! We work with some talented and unbelievably intelligent people to help bring you a one of a kind experience. Below is just a quick glimpse of how things work at The Parlour and what kind of hands on experiences you can expect. So grab your friends, your family, your co-workers and hop on board for a new kind of fun! We can't wait to see you at The Parlour!


We are doing things a little different here at The Parlour. We want you to be able to come in and experience something a little different. We want you to be a part of creating something that means a little more. Whether its a finding or collaborating on a special gift for a certain someone or you want something unique to you...we can help! BUT we also want to keep it fresh to keep those creative juices flowing. So every month the shop will be offering something new. The shop along with the products and workshops will be constantly changing! Of course we will have our staple items you'll come to know and love, but you can expect new things every single month. That being said, there will limited quantities of these monthly items so you'll want to grab them before they are gone!


Not only will you be able to shop The Parlour's awesomeness, but you can also be a part of our planned events and workshops. We touch on just about everything from how to take a better selfie to concocting signature cocktails. So many fun things to explore and learn and the best part is you can do them with all your besties! Want to host your own private event? We do that too! We offer private events catered to what you want and or need. Want to know more, shoot us a message! We'd love to work with you!



We have sourced some pretty fun things at the shop this season. If you have been searching for something that is out of the ordinary or things you can't find just anywhere, this is your place! Check out all the new things we have to offer!



We are always on the look out for new, unique ways of creating. Just as things will change every month in The Parlour, so will our fun projects! You can expect a LOT of fun new hands on projects in the shop. Click here to check them out!




We have so many things we are passionate about, especially when in comes to very important missions. We support many causes, especially when in comes to those in uniform. The Til Valhalla project is an amazing cause we can get behind and thing you should to. We carry many of the items here, but to really understand what it's about we encourage you to check them out. 

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Can you say mouthwatering deliciousness? We can! Especially now that we carry so many of the fan favorites from Bourbon Barrel Foods. If you or someone you know enjoys the savory goodness of spices and added deliciousness in your food and drink, this line is one you will most definitely love. Check out what's in stock now.

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