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One Part 7 Blends Variety Pack

One Part 7 Blends Variety Pack

SKU: 1PT_3001VY

Contains 1 blend packet of a selection of 7 blends that pair well with a variety of spirits to produce a wide range of simple craft cocktails. Each blend infuses 1/2 a standard bottle of spirits (375ml) for ~6 cocktails (42 in total).


Sometimes you know exactly which 1pt Blend you want.  Other times, it’s fun to try out a bunch.  That’s where the 1pt Variety Pack comes in.  Each of the included 7 all-natural gourmet rapid infusion blend packets will infuse half a standard bottle of spirits and are designed to work directly with the 1pt Infusion Bottle. Simply add one packet to the infusion basket, pour in the spirit of choice, and let stand for 2-6 hours (times are always included on the back of each blend packet). Simple and delicious cocktail recipes are included in every 1pt Variety Pack (you can also check out the links below this section for related recipes on the 1pt Journal blog). 1pt is an easy and stress-free way to mix delicious craft cocktails at home.


Blends included in this Variety Pack:

1pt Citrus Blend
1pt Mint Blend
1pt Floral Blend
1pt Chili Blend
1pt Cinnamon Blend
1pt Chocolate Blend
1pt Smoky Blend

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